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2014 barbecue and quiz show about LED light


What beautiful sights in West Taihu moon bay,here we come!

May 11th in 2014,a big day for our Aladdin company! In spite of the rainy weather,all of our staff come here early in the morning,packing materials and tolls for barbecue to make a fire.God moved by our sincerity,the rain stopped soon,our activity started.

To start with these,we divided our colleagues into six groups,making a show separately one team by another team.Finally "Team Falcons" made up with domestic trade salesmen won the victory depended on a set of hawk's claw boxing combination by themselves.Then our barbecue time coming,everyone took turns for showing their barbecue technology. "Team Miracle" made up with foreign trade salesmen took the first place for the Honey Mustard Chicken Wing they cooked,"Team Fantasy dream" made up with purchaser loose the gamd and bowed their heads disappointedly.since there were delicious food,of course,we can't forget beers,the most exciting"blowing beer" contest coming up,changliang from foreign trade team won this game with the advantages of his stature and age!

Intense knowledge contest began in 3:00 PM.Six teams needed to go through three quarters with questions answered by individual and team plus tie-breaker question,the team got highest score will be the winner.Tie-breaker qestions pushed the game to the hottest,the man ran into the appointed circle had the right to answer questions,which revealed it would be a test not only for your brains but also for your physical. The whole knowledge contest were full of nervous,funny and lively,everyone had a huge enthusiasm. At last, "Team Fantasy dream" got the 1st, "Team Quality with More attentively"got the 2nd, Two teams were given 500 and 300 yun fund for their team activities as prize. "Team walking on the wind"got the last place, and performed a show named two tigers as a punishment for them.

Wanted a word for this activity, "FANTASTIC" will be the right one. Will this happen once again, "of course", and accompany with these, all ended in a happy mood.

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