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Experience on Exhibitions


Thanks for the opportunity to share the experience on exhibitions with us.

Suitable Exhibitions

There are different kinds of trade shows for the lighting industry.So we should be cautious and concern of influence of the show, orientation of the show, the quality and amount of the audience, qualification and ability of the holder, cost of the show and so on while making choices.

Where are the customers

Relatively speaking, the atmosphere of foreign exhibitions is stronger. It is necessary to write introductory mails to invite more customers attending the show as more as we can. Also, the design of the show booth is important to draw customers attention.

Impress the customers

Most enterprises focused on offering presents to customers on the trade show, but fewer pay attention to the significant and value of the presents. We choose the USB drives with company logo which will be long-term tools for memory files.But in concern of the high cost, we try another alternative way to send some low-value pens to the potential clients.

Track after the show

The company will classify the cards from the exhibition after the show. We need to send greetings by email or fax upon the discuss record on the show and talk further with the clients about their questions. Even the general pass-by interview cannot be ignored, an official thanks letter should be sent promptly.


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