About product

Q:What 's the certification do you have passed ?


Q:Do you provide OEM product design?

A:We have a professional technical team,and we can develop and produce led light and halogen lamp according to the customers' requirements. In addition, you need to pay certain development costs, but  when your order quantity has been meet our requirements, we will return to you.

Q:Can you make packaging design according to my demand ?

A:We have a professional packaging designing team, we will provide the product packaging design for you according to you demand 

About Price and Payment

Q: How do i get the price ?

A:The goods are on display can be produced on our company Alibaba. if you are interested in our products, you can contact our online customer service or send inquiry to us, we will reply to you within 24 hours. 

Q:Can we make a negotiation about quotation  on Alibaba?

A:Our price is only for customers reference, please contact customer service to confirm the specific product and quantity, we will give a competitive price. 

Q:What kinds of transactions the way you accept?


Q:What is the terms of payment?

A: L/C, T/T,DA,DP.

About sample

Q: Can you provide samples for me? 
A: we are very willing to provide you with a sample, but you need to pay the product costs and transport costs .
Q:Can you provide testing  report for samples ?
A:No problem .if you need  testing report, when you confirm the samples ,please inform our customer service staff , we will send reports based on your requirements. 
Q:How long it takes a sample order? 
A:Depending on the product, after order confirmation, usually 7 days can be shipped to you. If it is 
 express, you will receive the samples within 10 days after order confirmation. 
Q:What kind of shipping method on samples?
A:Please confirm the shipping address and customer service staff, generally we can accept  express delivery  UPS, DHL, FEDEX can. 
Q:How do I pay for the sample cost? 
A:You can pay by PAYPAL, WEST UNION, T / T and other ways

About production and shipping

Q:How long do you product mass cargo ?

A:The following production time for your reference 

1000PCS: 1520 days 

5000PCS: 2030 days 

20000PCS: 3040 days 

Please contact costomer service for the specific production time ,meanwhile ,we also send you the  production time when providing the offer .

About warranty

Q:How long do you warranty?

A:Our quality is very high ,we provide the follwing qualit assurance with responsible attitude to customer:

Halogen lamp :2 years 

Led light  :3 years

Q:How can i do when the goods are demaged  during the warranty period ?

A:If your  goods are demaged during the warranty period, please contact us.we will provide relevant information on the batch of the product, if it is really the problem on our quality , we will  replace it for free based on the number of your damaged,, and pay  the related cost .

Q:How can i do when i find it is wroning for quantity and specifications?

A:For large quantities of goods missing, the problem with the wrong type numbers, you receive the goods within 15 days to contact us and provide photos and information, if indeed due to our mistake caused your loss, and we will all commitments.

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