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The power of Team, The wisdom of Group-Succed in LED Filament Lamp Development


Innovation is the blood of sustainable development for enterprises. Once a company is in pursuit of development, updating the products is necessary.

Aladdin Lighting Succeeded in develop LED filament bulb of C35E14, C35TAE14, A60E27 series. With the lead of VP Jianhua Guan, the technical teams do several experiments in spot welding, sealing, exhausting and inflation. They improved, tested, modified and adjusted again, finally succeed after overcoming many technical difficulties.

The LED Filament Lamp with the advantage of low current and high voltage decreased the heat of LED and cost of drivers efficiently. The most outstanding features are as below

1. Excellent Color Rendering

2. Elegant Appearance

3. Small Volume

4. High luminance, long lifespan, 5. 360 stereo illuminant light

No matter how great the prospect will be, the quality of the products counts most. So we need to control the quality of every step and never stop analyzing, summarizing and developing. There is not best, only better.To build a famous brand and serve the delicate products is the forever pursuit for Aladdin People.

                                                                         Jianhua Guan, Xingxing Peng, Liying Ye





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