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Win “High-Tech Enterprise”, Assist the growth of Aladdin


The creativity of technology is the inner impetus of development. Aladdin always engaged in the innovation of the technology in order to win the first place in Lighting&Electric industry. Our companies succeed in applying for the 20 patents and 3 province high-tech products at the beginning of 2011 and won the "National High-tech Enterprise" at the end of 2014. In March of 2014,the leader is interviewed by Wujin Daily and represented the process of taking position of the energy-saving cake company-wide. The influence of high-tech enterprises includes five aspects, such as:

1. Promote the technology transformation of enterprise.

2.Improve the brand image of enterprise.

3. Obtain the support of tax break policy.

4. Improve the market value of enterprise.

5. Improve the capital value of enterprise.

Where there is hard work, there is great harvest. The company brings prides to us and even there is no pride, it also helps us grow up. Advance with our company with responsibility and gracious to win success and passion.

                                                                              Jianhua Guan, Liying Ye, Yanhua Yang



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