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Aladdin Lighting research and lanuch more products in 2020
2020 is destined to be a unique year full of opportunities and challenges. With the efforts of all employees, with the support of industry colleagues and all customers, Aladdin Lighting has keeping accumulated a lot of resources, pioneered and innovated new products, striving to make new breakthroughs in technology.

Based on the principle of "more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more intelligent", Aladdin Lighting's technical engineers have overcome  many technical problems, not only to achieve higher lumen, higher power, Higher indicators indicate, but also study more stable solutions such as wider voltage with linear driver, high P value stably. At the same time, projects such as sound-controlled light sensing, intelligent lighting, and intelligent dimming are constantly being introduced, with more types. The indoor lighting products will be launched in 2020.

Aladdin Lighting company is founded in 1995, started foreign trade from 2006. We focused on Eco halogen bulb/SMD LED bulb/Filament LED bulb production aproduction lines with producing 52million pcs bulb each year.

Markets & partners: 80% European market, 20% South and North American markets. Our partners spread all over big chain marketand some DIY tool stores. Our products pass CE/ROHS/CB/SAA certificates and our company pass BSCI audit each year.

Aladdin always put partner’s benefits the most and first important, we can grow bigger together with partners based on mutual benefits.

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