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Types of LED Lighting to Choose From

LED lighting provides the latest in modern technology mixed with cutting-edge design. Contemporary LED light fixtures are versatile and flexible as they can be used in virtually any area of residential or commercial spaces. LED technology means these lighting solutions beam brighter, last longer, and save more energy than traditional types of illumination.

Lasting ten times longer than a traditional bulb and save up to 90% more energy, LED lighting technology provides incredible benefits to homes and offices. Providing consistent illumination and maximizing energy efficiency, LED lighting is cost-effective and eco-friendly, becoming the staple for modern lighting. LED light pricing for bulbs and fixtures can vary greatly depending on the style and application but you will find that no matter the price, they will start to pay for themselves immediately. LED technology is easily the most "green" technology compared to the rest not only because they are recyclable but they can also outlast the competition for years of continuous operation, reducing the landfill impact and saving you money on replacing bulbs.

LED Pendant Lights: Contemporary LED pendant lights hang like works of art from the ceiling and are a great source of illumination for heavily-used rooms such as the living room, dining room, or entryway. LED pendant fixtures come in a wide range of styles to add a sense of elegance to the atmosphere while providing stronger direct or ambient light.

LED Chandeliers: When it comes to adding a sense of grace and charm to a room, LED chandeliers are an ideal choice. LED chandeliers are both decorative and functional as they can be made from a wide variety of materials from crystal and glass to fine metals and wood. LED chandeliers are best suited in areas with high ceilings.

LED Ceiling Lights: For powerful ambient light that radiates from above, LED ceiling lights are an excellent option. Whether one uses flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling lights, they can installed in nearly any area of the modern home from the hallway to the kitchen to increase brightness and reduce eyestrain for daily activities.

LED Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are necessary for task lighting, whether used in the bedroom, living room, or office. LED floor lamps offer an improvement in the lighting experience since they provide more powerful light that is longer lasting while using less energy. Plus, modern LED floor lamps come in all sorts of styles and sizes to meet the aesthetics of any space.

LED Table Lamps & Desk Lamps: While often overlooked, LED table lamps are actually are a very important source of illumination all over the home. Not only do they provide extra light, but they add to the look and feel of the room. Modern LED table lamps are superior in terms of the quality of light and the sustainability of the light source. Also, LED desk lamps are a great solution for the contemporary office or home workspace. These modern desk lamps provide bright task lighting needed for working, reading, and writing. Not only that, but using LED desk lamps means utilizing a longer-lasting, energy-efficient light.

LED Wall Sconces: If extra illumination is needed to brighten up the modern home, LED wall sconces are a superior choice due to their functionality, improved quality of light, and brighter output. Not only can LED wall sconces cut energy consumptions and costs, but they can be used for all sorts of purposes from ambient lighting to accent lighting.

LED Bathroom Wall Sconces: The bathroom is one of the heavily used areas of the home, which is why modern LED bathroom wall sconces are a must. They provide much-needed accent lighting while using less energy and beaming much brighter illumination.

LED Vanity Lights: When it comes to LED lighting for the vanity, LED vanity lights are the better choice thanks to their longevity and sustainability. From sleek and modern to simple and elegant designs, LED vanity lights are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

LED Outdoor Lighting: When it comes to lighting the outdoors, contemporary LED outdoor lighting reigns supreme since it's built to produce powerful, high-quality light while being all to withstand the harshest weather conditions. From landscape lighting to step lights, there are all types of LED lighting solutions available to brighten up any exterior space.

LED Recessed Lighting: LED recessed light is a top choice since it improves the color and variety of the illumination needed in the contemporary home. LED recessed lighting gives off less heat and lasts longer than other types of lighting to improve the quality of downlighting in any modern space.

LED Ceiling Fans: For high-quality comfort and LED lighting, LED ceiling fans are a leading option. Modern LED ceiling fans keep a space cool and comfortable while reducing the amount of energy consumption. So not only will LED ceiling fans to cool down a space, but they will brighten it in a sustainable manner too.

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